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Why register?

If church members and friends wish to access private items which are not visible to visitors, then you need to use the form to get a username and password, which you can change to something more memorable when you first log in.  Please be patient - registration isn't automatic, but you will receive an email when your registration has been processed.

Registered users will be able to do the following:

You will also see a number of extra tabs at the top of the page.  These include:

MEMBERS - don't be confused by this one!  It's a standard feature of the website and it contains a list of all registered website users, who will not necessarily all be church members. 

CHURCH MEMBERS - if you are a church member (that is, you have been formally admitted into membership of Coedpenmaen Community Church) you will see another tab named 'Church Members', and this is the area where you can find items for church members only (for example, minutes of the quarterly church meetings).

(YOUR NAME)'S AREA - this is where you can find things which are relevant to you personally, such as your personal profile and any rotas you may be involved with.