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2015-01 How Old Do you feel you are?

How old do you feel you are? 

This fascinating question was asked in the British Social Attitudes Survey in 2009 of a sample of 1,800 people.  The Survey asked if people felt they were "young", or "30 something", "middle-aged" or "older" and then analysed the answers by people's actual age.

While a few of those in their 20s felt older than they were, the large majority of people felt younger than they were, including 5% of those 70 or over saying they felt "young".  A third (34%) of those in their 30s still felt young, and more than half of those in their 40s (57%) did not put themselves in the "middle age" bracket, as did almost a third (30%) of those in their 50s.  Three-fifths (58%) of those in their 60s said they felt middle-aged, as did a third (30%) of those in their 70s.

As on average we are now living longer, does that mean we think of ourselves naturally as more youthful?  Does our description of ourselves relate to the energy we feel we have, not our chronological age?

Some of the most vibrant, most passionate, most lively and exciting people I know are, what many would consider, past their best!   Modern 21st century society has, at times, an ageist attitude, and will discount the more senior amongst us.  Not so the Lord Jesus Christ.  If you describe yourself generally as younger than might be expected, Jesus wishes to harness that latent energy.  Attitude is more important than chronology!  The Bible teaches us that those who wait upon God: "... will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not grew weary, they will walk and not be faint," (Isaiah 40:31).

Revd. Doug Atherton


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