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2015-03 Life's BIG Questions

Life’s BIG Questions

“Mummy, why is that man so angry?”  I watched as she dragged her child away.  “Never mind,” she answered, “it doesn’t matter!”  From what I could tell, the boy didn’t get a satisfactory answer to his big question.  Little wonder he had a look of bewildered frustration on his face as his mother frog-marched him down the street.

The angry man was remonstrating with a street preacher who dared to suggest to passing shoppers that God is Love.

As I watched the young lad being unceremoniously dispatched, his natural curiosity stiffled, it occurred to me that there are many today a little like this enquiring child; bewildered and frustrated because they have never received a satisfactory answer to their big question(s).

Here at Coedpenmaen we are going to spend some time exploring some of life’s big questions -  amongst them, perhaps, a question you have asked yourself.  Questions such as: Do all religions lead to God?  Is marriage out-dated and unnecessary?  How do I deal with life’s disappointments?  Why do I feel so inadequate?  Is there a conflict between science and Christianity?  How can I carry on after losing my loved one?

 We commence our Life’s BIG Questions evenings on Thursday 26th March 2015 at 7.30pm with Why does God allow suffering?  There will be a 30 minute presentation followed by an open forum for discussion and debate.  All are welcome.   See you there?

Revd.  Doug Atherton


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