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2015-05 Disney's Elsa

Disney’s ‘Elsa’ weighs in at 16 stone!

My granddaughter, Willow Grace, loves to watch Disney’s blockbuster animation Frozen.  She’s always singing: “Let it go, let it go.  Can’t hold you back anymore…”  

Recently, my attention was drawn to an article headed “Disney’s ‘Elsa’ weighs in at 16 stone as “Big geezer” wears wig and cape to accompany daughter to Frozen sing-along.”

Apparently, a bearded tattoo artist had dressed-up as Disney’s Elsa, complete with dress, cape and long blonde wig, so he could take his daughter to a Frozen sing-along party. 
Rob Chillingworth, a 16st heavy metal fan, from Waltham Abbey in Essex, was spotted traveling on the London Underground with his daughter Ruby, who was dressed as Olaf the snowman.  Mr Chillingworth wore a sparkly dress he had made especially for the event.  When interviewed, he said:  “The kids had to dress up. I thought I had to as well.”  His daughter told him, “you be Elsa.”  He added: “I had to get the dress made as I'm a big geezer and you can't get them in my size.” 

Many users of social media have praised biker, Rob Chillingworth after the photo of him and Ruby on the underground and in costume went viral. He’s been described as the ‘best dad ever’ and that he deserved the 'best dad award.'  However, one observer noted 'Elsa has let herself go’. Though did concede that Mr Chillingworth demonstrated ‘superb parenting skills.' 

The best dad ever? We can know God himself as our father.

The Bible puts it like this: “Think how much the Father loves us. He loves us so much that he lets us be called his children, as we truly are.”  (1 John 3:1) Contemporary English Version

What a privilege it is to know our Creator God as a loving heavenly Father.  This by simple trust in His only begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Rev. Doug Atherton, Pastor

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