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2015-09 It's almost here!

It’s almost here! 

Is 2015 going to be the year the mighty Welsh Team sweep aside the opposition to secure the here-to elusive Rugby World Cup?  Surely, if it depended upon patriotism, passion and pride alone then it’s already in the bag!  Crunching tackles, clever runs, unbelievable tries, insane drop goals.  ‘We’ Welsh simply love the raw unpredictability, aggressiveness and intensity of the rugby pitch. 

Brad Carnegie Thorn (2011 World Cup winner with the All Blacks) described what life was like when his career first took off , originally in rugby league, in the 1990s:  “Suddenly, you’ve got money … People are congratulating you.  You feel really great about yourself.  And the women notice you more.”  Brad went on: “I was a pretty wild character ... I would drink and go out with lots of women.”  Sounds great doesn’t it?!  Sadly, however, all it takes is just one ‘stray pass’ and possession is lost.  All those hopes and dreams obliterated!

6ft 5in, 246lb Brad tells of  his 1997 rugby league tour: “Jason Stevens was different from the rest of the team.  When we travelled … we behaved wildly.  But Jason did not do that.  I talked to him a lot.  Everyone says that you are weak to not drink loads of alcohol.  You are weak if you do not have sex with any women.  But it is the opposite.  Saying ‘No’ involves character.  Jason said that I should ask Jesus to forgive me and teach me how to live well and follow him.”

Brad soon realised he needed Jesus to deal with his sin and give him a new life with God: “I said a prayer.  I told Jesus I regretted the things I had done.  I asked him to help me turn my life around.  I do feel now I have a purpose.  I believe that there is a God who loves me.  I want to be a good husband and father.  And I want to give my best on the rugby field ... showing respect to my opponent afterwards, whether I win or lose.”

If it depended upon patriotism, passion and pride alone; then I’m certain ‘we’ Welsh would feel good about ourselves all the time.  There is, however, the small matter of the game of life, played out on the often not-so-green turf.  Experience tells us that, in reality, with the elements against us, we knock the ball on and forfeit the match.

Perhaps it’s time you changed your game plan?  It’s time to live by God’s game plan: relying on and knowing Him.  He doesn’t necessarily promise us an easy game all the time, but He does promise us security, contentment and a future.

If you want to think more about God’s game plan, Coedpenmaen Baptist Church is here to help.

Pastor Doug Atherton

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