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2016-01 Support for Darth Vader ...

Support for Darth Vader’s bid for Mayor lands Wookiee in handcuffs

Local elections in the Ukraine have been hit by the news that a certain supporter of one of the candidates wasn’t playing by the rules.  Chewbacca was arrested for unlawfully canvassing for the leader of the Internet Party, Darth Vader, who was running for Mayor. He was driving the Sith Lord to the polling station, however as Ukraine's local election law forbids candidates from canvassing on the day of voting, he was stopped by police and taken into custody after failing to show his ID.

‘Mr. Bacca’ needed to be handcuffed and restrained by four officers after he resisted arrest. No one knows how the two individuals came to be fighting on the same side but Lord Vader’s protests on behalf of his ‘colleague’, after the hairy pilot was fined 170 hryvnia (£4.87), fell on deaf ears despite the Wookiee saying he could not pay. Something about his money being tied-up in an intergalactic bank that does not have a branch on Earth.

Odessa officials invoked the wrath of the Dark Side when Darth Vader arrived at the polling station only to discover he was not listed on the voter registry, despite holding a Ukrainian passport.  The Internet Party was founded in 2007 and campaigns for a transition to digital media away from paperwork and free computer lessons for Ukrainian citizens. 

In a galaxy far, far away, followers of Jesus have a better ‘world’ to look forward to.  A ‘world’ described by the Apostle John as a place where there will be, “... no more death or mourning or crying or pain...” (Revelation 21:4).  I, for one, cannot wait to get to heaven.  The question remains, on arrival, will I see you there?  Is your name ‘listed’ on the divine registry known as The Book of Life?  If necessary, allow us to help you register.

Revd. Doug Atherton


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