Sunday Attendance

We have resumed in-person Sunday morning family services, starting at 10.30 am. Please note that anyone aged 11 or over will be required to wear a mask.

To ensure that you can be seated at a suitable distance from others who are not members of your household, we nead to reserve named seats for our Sunday morning services.  Thank you for your co-operation.  Unless you hear from us to the contrary, you may assume that there will be room for you to attend.

We need your permission to store contact details, otherwise under current Covid-19 rules we cannot allow you to attend.  A copy of our Data Protection Policy is available online here or in hard copy on request at the church.

Regular attenders - it would help us greatly if you could let us know by the previous Friday evening if you will not be attending a service so that we can make your seat available to someone else. 

So that we can prepare specific activities for your children, please let us know each week if they are coming.  Thanks.


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